Seniors leave advice for underclassmen

Kara Bade, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to a close, seniors were asked to leave some advice they may have for younger classmen. This advice didn’t have to be exclusive to school, but more about what students can do to have a better experience in their last year of high school. 

   “Don’t ever procrastinate: One day you would be excited to get out of class and maybe not do some work as well and push it back. My experience with procrastinating was not fun, I would push an assignment, and then it would accumulate with even more work, until I’m not doing any of it,” senior Ryan Patel said. 

“Challenge yourself with difficult classes! Please do this, especially during your sophomore year. Taking AP’s, even one, is great. Colleges look like crazy for that, passing the exam on top will save you thousands in college financing and many hours of your future education.””

— Ryan Patel

Although not everyone thinks this way.

“Don’t let people tell you what courses you need to succeed. You do not need to take all AP courses to do well in school. Take classes you’re interested in,” senior Bryan So said.

   “Try hard in school your first two years and get a good GPA,“ senior Cameron Patton said.

   “Never give up. You need to push yourself and keep going even when it’s hard, but I promise everything gets better,” senior Taylor Slaunwhite said.

   Some other advice that people had is in regards to just making the most of your years in high school , and not regretting any of it. 

   “Live it up while you’re in high school, and don’t waste your days because time flies,” senior Kaitlyn Correll. 

“Take advantage of your younger years of high school because you won’t ever get them back, and time flies much faster than you think.””

— Julia Frazier

   “It’s your time to make memories, don’t waste it,” senior Vaclav Larew said.

   “Don’t be afraid to talk to people you never know, they might become great friends,” senior Imanie Houdhan said. 

   Overall the wisdom is  to realize that high school goes by so fast and to stay in the moment, make friends, and do whatever makes you happy. High school is such a short time in everyone’s lives, and yet many just let it go by without making lasting memories.