Is the Halloween Haunt worth the hype?

Part of the spooky decor at Halloween Haunt.

Photo courtesy of: Rae Rectenwald

Part of the spooky decor at Halloween Haunt.

 Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt celebrated 20 years of the fear festival this year. With this anniversary came haunted houses, new scare zones, and the return of frightening monsters. Aside from that, the haunt was completely decked out with Halloween decorations in every corner. From Sept. 25 through Oct. 31, thousands of people attended the spooky festival. 

   As soon as visitors stepped foot into the park, 400 monsters were hiding throughout the park waiting to jump out at guests. The blinding smoke and fog pumped through the pathways of the park, upping the scare factor and adding an advantage for the monsters to sneak up on unsuspecting guests. 

   The “Trick or Treat” haunted house was quite spooky and not the average trick or treat event. There were nuns, frights, and dolls at every step of the way. Right as visitors walk through the house, screams fill all the rooms and the feeling of panic sets in. I personally was holding on tight to my companion throughout walking through and bracing myself as I turn the corner. The characters did an amazing job with outfit choices and makeup. I was truly frightened. 

     The haunt was such a blast. Make sure to attend the wicked event next year, if you dare.