Seniors attempt to understand college application process


Photo courtesy of: Amy Brooks

Students work with counselors to get through the application process.

Amy Brooks, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With college application season in full swing, many seniors are learning the ins and outs of the application process. In the past two years, admissions expectations  have evolved as  schools have retooled requirements and options for students because of GPAs impacted by virtual learning and lack of standardized testing opportunities during the pandemic. Since the class of 2022 was online for school their junior year, many seniors are finding the process more challenging, and are struggling to find resources  to help them.

   Senior Hudson Kennedy’s experience applying for colleges wasn’t as simple as he expected. After not being able to find much information on the early action and early decision processes, Kennedy decided to apply regular decision to CNU, VCU, JMU, and UVM.

   “Teacher and counselor recommendations are the most confusing part. I didn’t get to do early action because I was really confused at times,” Kennedy said.

   Some students and families have turned to hiring a paid college counselor to help them navigate the process. Kennedy didn’t have an outside college counselor and struggled to make contact with school counselors during the process, as the counseling department has been overwhelmed with senior meetings and requests for additional college application meetings.

   “I’m sure college counselors would help in the process; […] I tried scheduling a meeting with the school counselor, and I haven’t heard back from them,” Kennedy said.

   Senior Riya Bhandare, like Kennedy, found the process confusing and stressful. She planned to apply to seven schools, four of which she applied to early.

   “Applying was really stressful, especially with school. All the work we had with college stuff was a little too much sometimes, but after you submit everything, it feels a lot better,” Bhandare said.

  With each application requiring different essays and not understanding how to send transcripts, Bhandare worried her applications wouldn’t get done in time. She relied on her school counselor, but also her brother’s past experience to help clear up any confusion.

   Since my brother has gone through this whole situation, I knew what to do. With reading and checking essays, I had someone who is qualified in writing check them, but I didn’t have a college counselor,” Bhandare said.

   Many seniors continue to submit applications as most regular decision deadlines are due in the beginning to middle of January. For those confused about the requirements of transcripts and applications, talking to a school counselor can be helpful, but students should also consult the information provided within the Counseling page on  Schoology.