Deck the halls without delay

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Rae Rectenwald, Staff Writer

With the holidays approaching, s’mores roasting, and hopefully snow falling, winter break festivities have students filled with excitement. But as students and families start buying presents for the holiday season, factories and delivery services are becoming overwhelmed.

   Due to the fact that the supply of presents isn’t meeting the demand, factories have fallen behind on producing and shipping products. The pandemic played a pivotal part in this issue because of the significant underemployment in needed positions  and company closures. Systems are also overloaded with orders, which adds to delays in shipping and processing times. As it comes down to the wire, most will be best served if they planned ahead.

   “We ordered all of our kids’ Christmas gifts in early November,” history teacher Andrew Heare said. 

   As early as November may sound, it is the harsh reality of the unfortunate situation at hand. 

    “We are now all set with two weeks to go until Christmas,” Heare said. 

   Consumers should recognize the urgency of ordering as soon as possible to avoid delays. While some may have to pay an express shipping fee to secure their gifts, it will be a relief to guarantee an amazing holiday season. With two weeks left until Christmas, some may find that the most prudent solution is to shop in person.