Review: Spider-Man swings back into theaters this winter


Photo courtesy of: Cassidy Watts

A still from the Spider-Man end credits.

Cassidy Watts, Staff Writer

Marvel Cinematic Universe has released many movies in the past few years, but “Spider-Man; No Way Home”  is on its way to being one of the more popular ones. Spider-Man is a very important character to Marvel fans because he appears to be poised to take over as Iron Man. Tom Holland has been portraying Peter Parker/Spider-Man since “Captain America: Civil War,” which was released in 2017. 

   Moviegoers can also expect to see former Peter Parkers, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, in the newest installment of the film franchise. Many of his known villains, which include Doctor Otto Octavius (Doc Ock), Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and The Lizard, also make their return in the new movie. 

   The movie begins with the last scene of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” when Spider-Man’s identity was revealed to the fictional world. The rest of the movie is built around Peter Parker trying to convince Doctor Strange to cast a spell to cause everyone to forget that he is Spider-Man. The movie lasts about two and a half hours, but it didn’t feel that long. The actors portrayed their characters very well, and there wasn’t a detail lacking in the film. It was as if it was the missing piece of the puzzle was finally locked into place. 

   This movie is the 12th biggest lifetime movie in the world. Box office sales total to $1,386,428,198. Spider-Man movies have always been a big deal, so this particular one is everything fans could imagine. “No Way Home” was one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it, to long-time fans of the Marvel Universe and newcomers alike.