Three movies you need to watch in the month of love

Movie poster from “The Princess Bride” (sourced from

Shelby Ford, Lead Features Editor

Not sure what movie to watch for Valentine’s Day? Whether single or taken, these three movies will offer you the full romantic experience.

Princess Bride (1987)

The “Princess Bride” makes up the perfect combination of everything good in a romantic comedy. It keeps every type of audience entertained! It has both action and comedy, as well as romance.

   More of the romantic type? No problem. The “Princess Bride” offers a unique and captivating romance between Buttercup (played by Robin Wright) and Westley (played by Cary Elwes). At the beginning of the movie, the two are separated after Westley’s ship is captured and Buttercup is taken to be married to the evil Prince Humperdinck. With the help of some comedic sidekicks, Westley goes through many difficulties to save Buttercup, showing the true and unconditional love that he has for her.

   While “Princess Brideis not typically considered a romantic movie, it checks every box to be considered one, along with a side of some classic comedy.

The Notebook (2004)

When you hear about the movie “The Notebook”, you might think to yourself that it is just some basic overrated movie, but it is far from it. “The Notebook” shows the love and betrayal of Noah and Allie, as told by an elderly gentleman to a woman he is visiting in a nursing home. They meet in the most movie-perfect way, a carnival. At first, Allie is not interested in Noah, even though he instantly falls in love with her. After spending time together Allie learns that she also has feelings, so they start dating. 

   The two date throughout the summer, but are forced to break up at the end of summer because of Allie’s parents. Her parents do not approve of Noah as he is not considered  to be from the appropriate social class for their family. Because of this, Noah leaves to  join the war and Allie goes off to college. 

   Seven years later, they reconnect through a friend. They fall in love all over again and live their best lives together, but not without some conflict of course. From start to end, we see their romance blossom continuously.

   There has not been one time that I have not cried while watching “The Notebook.” It is an amazing movie for appreciating the time you have with your partner and experiencing every moment to the fullest, even when you’re stuck in the middle of a storm.

Titanic (1997)

“Titanic” conveys the story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater and their ill-fated romance aboard the Titanic ship. The love story between these two characters begins in a moment of despair, when Rose realizes she does not want to go through with her arranged marriage to Caledon Hockley. Jack, as a perfect knight-in-shining armor, steps in to save her, both physically from near death and from the clutches of her scheming fiancé. 

   Throughout the movie, their love for each other progresses fast. As their passion grows, so does the danger. Jack and Rose must escape from both her violent former beau and the sinking ship. The suspense creates some high-drama moments filled with emotion.  

   “Titanic” is a great option for those looking for a history piece while still entertaining the romance aspect.