Art Club hopes to host exhibit celebrating Black history and culture


Photo courtesy of: Ava Croop

Student artwork displayed in the school gallery.

Mya Padilla, Assistant Editor

 The Art Club is hoping to host an exhibition in honor of Black History Month. The student organizers have been working on a plan to create a gallery of art pieces related to Black history and created by student artists, but have experienced some hiccups in the organization of the event.

   Juniors Helmi Davis and Ava Croop made efforts to advertise the showcase around school earlier in February. Their goal was to recruit artists, including those who may be shy about sharing their work. However, there was some delay in the organization of the show due to miscommunication about who could submit work.  

   “The purpose of the show was to put a spotlight on the Black student artists around the school. I think the message got misconstrued to be exclusionary, but the goal isn’t to keep out other students’ art, [as] anyone can submit,” Ava Croop said. 

   Many students have made submissions to the exhibition, but because of  the delays, Ava hopes to have more people submit now that there’s more time. While Black History Month has officially concluded with the end of February, the organizers feel the intent of the showcase is relevant regardless of the month it officially debuts. Students looking to be involved in the showcase should reach out to Davis and Croop for more details.

Student work photographed by Ava Croop.