Russian conflict spills into student lives


Gas prices continue to soar, impacting students’ wallets. (Photo sourced from Forbes website)

Lauren Brennan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is continuing to impact lives all around the world. Prices of goods are beginning to rise, causing many students to reconsider their monthly spending. Many have already begun to see a rise in cost for gas and other necessities.

   Immediately after the Ukrainian crisis began in late February, worries about prices of common goods appeared. The main one being that Russia, as one of the three big oil producing countries, may choose to withhold their barrels, causing the market to rise. This ended up not being part of the Kremlin’s decision when President Biden officially banned the import of all Russian oil into the United States.

   As of Mar. 21, the average regular gas price in the area is resting at about $3.99. This is already a stark increase from just a few months ago when it was about $3.20. Experts are saying that the average cost may very well go over $5. For some this means filling up isn’t quite as affordable any more. 

   “I recently quit my job so that I could have more free time and enjoy my senior year. However, with the gas prices going up, I have to drive less and overall be less social so that I don’t run out of money,” senior Nicholas Wray said. 

   Students are adapting to the new challenges by sharing rides more frequently to cut down on prices. 

   “I used to drive to school normally everyday, but now I am routinely asking for rides from friends just to get to and from home,” senior Dhanshree Atre said. 

   To cut down on your gas bill, student may consider taking the bus to school or even walking as the weather gets warmer.