SAT updates leave underclassmen ecstatic

Test taker completes the paper version of a standardized test. (Photo sourced from

Rae Rectenwald, Staff Writer

College Board, the company that runs SAT testing, announced in January that SAT paper tests will be moved online and shortened as early as 2024. The revised test will allow students to use a calculator on the entire math portion, and it will be shortened from three hours to two hours. This leaves a sense of great relief for students, especially those younger students who aren’t expecting to take the test for a few years.

   “When I first heard about it, I was curious about how it would work and if anything would change. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to shorten it,” freshman Felipe Franco said. 

   The SAT has been in use since 1926, with the initial purpose of admissions to universities and testing overall knowledge and aptitude. It is scholastically inspired and targets weak test-takers to take a “standard” test that is deemed unfair by some. 

   Approximately, 16 to 20 percent of people report having testing anxiety. Therefore, those affected by anxiety do not tend to perform at their typical level due to the stressful experience. 

   “My initial reaction to the SAT being made easier was relief and ease. I now can have more time for extracurricular activities instead of studying all day,” freshman Mark Trinh said. 

   College Board has already dropped subject tests and the optional essay test, as fewer and fewer colleges and universities required them. Future standardized testing will be revamped for the better in the upcoming years. Both the ACT and SAT are soon to be updated to more fairly gauge students’ potential.