Senior brings editing experience to weatherman legacy


Photo courtesy of: Katie Wood

Farhan Nahin takes photos during yearbook’s yearly photo scavenger hunt.

Amy Brooks, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After applying for an anchor position on the morning announcements, senior Farhan Nahin was instead offered a position as the weatherman. Each year, the news team searches for a senior to create a segment to be featured on the Friday morning announcements. These segments are often comedic skits that are created by the weatherman that feature the weather for the upcoming weekend.

   Because of Nahin’s interest in joining the team, he decided to take the position. 

   “I messaged Dhanshree, the morning announcements director, [and] she told me they didn’t […] think there was a spot open for the weatherman. She just told me I could start after winter break, and the rest is history,” Nahin said.

   Once Nahin accepted the position, he realized it proposed an opportunity to get creative with the content.

   “I’ve always kind of loved video editing and making people laugh, so why not do both?” Nahin said.

   Nahin’s responsibilities consist of creating engaging video content that can be broadcast at the end of the morning announcements each Friday. Each week, Nahin looks for inspiration that helps him think of new ways to present the weather that is appealing to students.

   “The ideas usually just kind of come to me and I write them down. Sometimes I take inspiration from YouTubers I used to watch, like Nigahiga or CoryxKenshin,” Nahin said. 

   Thinking of ideas is only the beginning of Nahin’s process for producing his videos. Once he runs with an idea, Nahin will write a script and collect all the footage he needs for editing.

   “I use this free app called CapCut to edit my videos. […] I prefer to use it as opposed to the more sophisticated programs because it forces me to be more creative about my editing and serves as a testament [to the] skills you have rather than the tools you use,” Nahin said.

    Nahin usually spends a couple hours creating each video, hoping to provide the best content for his peers. His dedication to creating videos is what motivates him to continue to put effort into each video. 

   “Video making has been a big passion of mine since middle school, so it’s really cool to finally see it in the spotlight,” Nahin said.

   Since Nahin is graduating this year, he hopes that the position will be filled by a student who will step up to the position and be as committed to the role.

   “I firmly believe to be good at anything, you have to be enthusiastic about it, so unless someone volunteers, I‘ll leave it to Ms. Dogoli to find the next weatherman,” Nahin said.