Who needs a car when you have 50 friends?


Photo courtesy of: Amy Brooks

Senior Isis Keneah poses with drivers’ car keys in the library.

Lauren Brennan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to a close, seniors are enjoying a variety of school-sponsored activities, as well as creating their own fun. Over the last nine months, senior Isis Keneah has created a bit of a social experiment, tasking herself with having over 50 different people drive her to school. Because Keneah doesn’t have  her own driver’s license, not only did this project create some senior class fun, but it also got her to school.

   Keneah chose people from all groups at Deep Run, some being prior teammates from her time on the basketball and track teams and others being longtime friends. After she chooses a driver, usually at the last minute, Keneah has them pick her up from her home, which is easily within walkable distance of the school. With selfies and videos being taken of the drive as evidence, Keneah then scores them based on a variety of standards. 

   “It’s all about the experience. Did they come close to hitting a person? Did they stop at the stop sign? Did they attempt to chat with me? If you’re a safe driver and make the ride enjoyable, you’ll receive a high score,” Keneah said.

   Keneah doesn’t  like to accept excuses for failures in either driving or taking her to school. Several times she has posted drivers on her page exposing them for either showing up on a bicycle or taking their sibling instead of her. Occasionally, Keneah will also call out their weird car features  or music choices.

   “At the end of the day, everyone is able to somewhat drive, hence their state-issued license. It takes little details to separate some participants, good or bad,” Keneah said.

   While she doesn’t hold back on calling people out for bad driving, she also praises people for proper parking or breaking stereotypes, like being a woman driving a truck. 

   So far Keneah has had 31 different drivers participate – whether those were willing participants is up to viewer discretion. Watch her wrap up this project by following her on Instagram @50peopledriveisistoschool.