When does academic and extracurricular overload become too much?


Photo courtesy of: Rae Rectenwald

Freshman David Peterson stresses out over his work.

Rae Rectenwald, Staff Writer

With final exams creeping up, anxiety is at an all-time high. Students are pressured to balance grades, sports, and extracurriculars. It is challenging for students to maintain stability while holding down such a busy schedule. 

   After a prolonged testing window, the Advanced Placement (AP) exams concluded on May 17. Sophomore Ruthika Reddy had to take both of her AP exams on the same day, leaving no breaks in between.    

   “Studying for both of them was really difficult because I had to simultaneously study for both of them and then, going into the test, I was stressed out,” Reddy said. 

   With tests back-to-back, she was exhausted and overworked. However, her studying paid off.  

   “I definitely wished they were more spaced out, so I could study for them both equally, but after I finished taking both of them, I was really relieved, and it felt good to be over with all of my AP exams,” Reddy said.

   Along with AP exams, sophomore Yuthika Jha, has to balance both school and extracurriculars. 

   “I frequently volunteer at the Children’s Museum, and I am heavily involved with our Equity and Diversity club as a translator. I play the piano, learn digital art, tutor, and compete as a dancer outside of school,” Jha said.

   With a ton on her plate, Jha has had to make sacrifices in her schedule to manage such a busy agenda. 

   “I sometimes have to skip out on club meetings to study because I don’t have time to study at home. It is sometimes challenging to balance them all because of what I am required to do to become an avid member,” Jha said.

   Jha and Reddy both strive to be the best students they can be while engaging in immersive schedules. Jha shares her advice to all other students who are struggling under the same circumstances.

   “I think if you have a role in a club or extracurricular where you are required to participate more, it becomes more difficult to balance everything and be dedicated towards everything else you do. Having many extracurriculars makes time management difficult as well,” Jha said. 

   The final question you should ask yourself is, how much is too much? Make sure you are creating a schedule that you can handle.