New class sheds light on historical African American impact


Photo courtesy of: Grace Pleasants

Teacher and students of African American History class pose together.

Grace Pleasants, Features Editor

African American History, taught by social studies teacher Clay Hudson, is a new class now offered at Deep Run. Although some other schools across the country have offered this class in previous years, this is the first year students here have been able to enroll.

   “We have a small class of 16 this year, but hopefully it grows in future years,” Hudson said.

   Hudson is energized by the new offering and eager to lead the class.  

   “I’m excited to be able to be a part of starting it here, and I get to work with some incredible students,” Hudson said. “Some people in the room I’ve known for years, while I’m meeting others for the first time. Regardless, I’m stoked to be the teacher in the room.”

   This history class focuses primarily on the impact African Americans have made on the world. In the curriculum for many history classes, the only topic that significantly covers African Americans is centered around slavery. Although slavery is a big part of African American history, sophomore McKenna Phipps feels as though there is more to talk about than just that.

   “I’m excited to learn about more topics than just slavery. In all my years of taking history, we have only really talked about slavery,” Phipps said. “There is so much more to African American history than just slavery. I’m excited to learn about the positive things that have happened instead of just the negative.”

   Phipps likes that the students have open-ended conversations in the class and no one feels judged to share their experiences or opinions. 

   “It’s a really chill class where everyone gets to speak their minds with no judgment. I really hope to see more people join it in the future so that we can make this amazing class permanent at Deep Run,” Phipps said.

   Hudson and his students hope to see this class up and running again for years to come.