“Mean Girls” brings Broadway to Richmond


Photo courtesy of the Altria Theater website.

Oli Blaess, Culture & Entertainment Editor

“Mean Girls” is known as one of the most iconic teen films in movie history, setting high expectations for the musical, which debuted on Broadway in Richmond. The musical adaptation of Tina Fey’s beloved film made its way to Richmond in September, showing at the Altria Theater for five days. The production moved away from the usual stereotype regarding the appearance of three of the main characters, Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, by giving the roles to a more diverse cast. 

   The first act of the play consists of eleven outstanding musical numbers, along with a creative and eye-catching set that’s connected with the events of the musical. The second act followed with nine additional songs, including a reprise. Playing to a crowd mostly familiar with the cult classic film, the musical closely resembled the movie, incorporating some of the most memorable scenes, such as Damien’s iconic line, “She doesn’t even go here!” 

   The musical numbers correlated with certain scenes from the original movie, while also providing more detail since each song was at least a five-minute routine. Although each of the main characters has their own song, it was hard to get to know each character individually and create an attachment to them due to the rapidity of the musical. The performance was fast-paced which made the experience easy to stay engaged, but also made it feel a bit rushed.

   Overall, “Mean Girls” is a musical unlike others because although it delves into the most basic stereotypes of high school. There is just something about it that speaks to everyone who has the privilege of seeing it.