Humans of Deep Run: Sophia Karzai, Senior


Alexa Stadler, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

“I am of Afghan descent; however, I was born here in the United States. I had to move back and forth at least four times per year from Afghanistan throughout all of elementary school and pre-K. I moved all around because of the horrific and gruesome things going on in Afghanistan. I have had to pick up my stuff and move overnight to America because of my environment being unsafe. My dad’s job kept him and us in Afghanistan, so for most of my childhood I didn’t see my father because we had to flee the country he was living in. I have lived in Dubai for the past six years, but moved back here in July because of my father’s job. In Dubai I lived lavishly because it is, well, is debatably one of the most high-class places in the world. It was the world’s best place to live, and I will always call Dubai my home. I have seen awful things and have had to live in different places, good and bad. Every component of my life has been pieced together to make me who I am. After high school, I plan on going into the medical field to follow my father’s footsteps. […] He has helped so many lives and puts others above himself. I want to, no, I will impact so many lives like the people I have seen. I have loved my life through the good and bad. I hope to stay in America and continue.”