Kanye West: Students decide Ye or nay?

Kanye West photographed at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Photo courtesy of: vox.com

Kanye West photographed at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Grace Pleasants, Features Editor

Kanye West, also known as Ye, has recently been on a rampage of interviews, social media posts, and public appearances in which he rants about several controversial things, including making anti-Semitic comments. These remarks have led to him losing business relationships, being banned from social media platforms like Twitter, and receiving widespread backlash from celebrities and fans, including students here.

   “I’m a Kanye fan, but I don’t support the things he’s said,” senior Manny Johnson said. 

   On Oct. 8, West tweeted, “I’m going to go death con 3 on Jewish people.” Shortly after, his account was locked by Twitter. Just days before, his account was later restricted on Instagram for violating the app’s code of conduct after he posted an anti-Semitic screenshot

   Though fans have tried to center their attention on the impacts West has made on both the music and fashion industries, his behavior has made it increasingly difficult to do so. 

    “I used to be a Kanye fan, but not anymore,” freshman Marina Caseiro said. “My best friend is Jewish, so I feel sympathetic for her.” 

   This isn’t West’s first time making it difficult for people to be fans. He has a lengthy history of saying and doing controversial things, including wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at Paris Fashion Week, comparing himself to biblical figures, and saying slavery was a choice. Some students feel an apology is in order, something West has avoided so far. 

   “I think he should apologize because what he said is hurting and affecting many people,” freshman Sydney Cyrus said. 

   Other students feel an apology isn’t enough at this point.

   “I think he should do more than just apologize,” senior Kelley Harris said. “He just needs to be a better person and figure out what he’s doing.” 

   As of now West is still locked out of his social media accounts, but that could change, as it has happened before.