Final pep rally is a springtime stunner


Photo courtesy of: Lily Mehfoud

Associate Principal Marcellus Bland is pied by senior Katherine Ogilvie at the end of the pep rally, as assistant principal Angela Steward watches in anticipation of her own turn.

Lily Mehfoud, Staff Writer

Students gathered in the gym on April 14  to help boost spirit, take part in class competition games, and kick off the start of the last quarter of the year at the spring pep rally. Many students enjoy these pep rallies because it creates a brain break for hardworking minds.

   “I think that the pep rallies are a good way to have a break from students doing work,” junior Michael Sweet said.

   At the beginning of the final pep rally of the year, students rose as junior Sebastian Soekawa beatboxed the national anthem.

Students compete in spikeball. Photo by Lily Mehfoud

The first game of the event pitted two students against each grade level, randomly called down from the stands, and two teachers against each other in a game of spikeball.

   “I felt really nervous when I started playing, but I got more comfortable as the game went on. I was totally shocked when I was picked to play because I have never gotten called to participate in the

Students and staff work together to start off the table race. Photo by Lily Mehfoud

games before,” Sweet said.

   Playing for the sophomores, Ellia Nickerson was also anxious when she was called down.

   “I was very nervous, and I wanted to do well for us, but I was freaking out because of all the people watching,” Nickerson said.

   Afterwards, more students were called down to join the table race game, where a participant riding on top of a folding table was passed along the rolling bodies of other teammates. This time lots of volunteers flooded the floor after the game started to join the fun, rolling under the table to try and help their team get to the other side as quickly as possible. 

Patrick Byrne is announced Can Man for the 2023-23 school year. Photo by Lily Mehfoud

   “My favorite part of the pep rally was definitely watching my friends and teachers do the table race,” Nickerson said.

   Junior Gabby Thurman represented her class as their table rider. Ultimately, the juniors took third in the race, but Thurman was glad she had the chance to participate.

 “I think these pep rallies bring a lot of school spirit, and we get to see the good stuff the staff puts together for the students to watch,” Thurman said.

   Since this is the last pep rally the senior class will get to enjoy this year, senior Can Man Makary Czekajlo tapped junior Patrick Byrne to be next year’s student section leader.

Seniors took the lead in the final spirit competition. Photo by Lily Mehfoud


This last pep rally ended the year-long competition among the classes to earn points at pep rallies through spirit and game wins. Although the sophomores won the table race, they were still trailing behind, finishing in last place. Seniors won the overall points, earning them the right to pie administrators in the face much to the excitement of students and staff alike.