Students, faculty vote for inaugural Staff Superlatives

See who is “most likely” to be a winner


The 2023 Superlative winners pose for a group photo.

The votes are in and counted for the inaugural Deep Run High School Staff Superlatives. Winners of the 2023 ballot were announced at the end-of-year faculty luncheon on June 8 in a ceremony organized and hosted by the Sentinel staff.

Most Likely to Be TikTok Famous

Morgan Nash

Christian Robinson

Most Likely to Host a Podcast

Clay Hudson

Joe Mullinax

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire

Rob Doolidge

Michael Norman

Most Likely to Become Principal

Dan Dickey

Mia Tambellini

Most Likely to Win an Oscar, Grammy, or Emmy

Amy El-Khouri

Ashely Dogoli

Most Likely to Write a Book

Lesley St. James

Melissa Daniels

Most Likely to Win a Game Show

Austin Campbell

Matt Feldmann

Mac McCracken

Most Likely to Be a Stand-Up Comedian

Justin Hayes

Joe Harrell

Most Likely to Be an Olympic Athlete

Josh Aldrich

Sarah Voyack

Most Organized

Lynne Norris

Sarah Oliver

Best Decorated Classroom

Alicia Chilton

Curt Fritts

Most Likely to Perform Well Under Pressure

Rob Rumans

Brian Fellows

Most Likely to Talk Their Way Out of a Speeding Ticket

Liz Marshak

Jackie Herrmann

Liz Marshak receives her “Most Likely to Talk Their Way Out of a Speeding Ticket Award” from Officer Vollie Norris.

Best Storyteller

Julie Skinner

Will Caudle

Most Likely to Be a Rocket Scientist

Joseph Palen

Matt Wilson

Most Likely to Never Be Seen Without Caffeine

Julia Ogden

Robby Helwig

Most Likely to Work in the Secret Service

Marcellus Bland

Chuck Wade

Best School Spirit

Kareem Texler

Jessi Renehan

Most Likely to Break Out in Dance

Ashley Khimani

Kathleen Kern

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize

Nirali Jantrania

Dawn Neher

Most Likely to Save the Planet

Brent Lederer

Amy Moore

Best Shoulder to Cry On

Lindsay Bien

Hanna Kornell

Jeanne Murray

Best Work Buddies

Allie King & Hanna Kornell

Austin Campbell & Mac McCracken

Samantha Cohodas & Matt Wilson

Morgan Nash & Jessica Stockdreher

Best Friend to the Staff

Ashley Khimani

Robby Helwig