Cast members reminisce on their spring musical

Amy Brooks, Staff Writer

The spring musical, The Addams Family, had a big cast of many students who are very

invested in theater. Many were found staying after school for rehearsal, practice, and going

over lines. Senior Abigail Honeycutt played the daughter, Wednesday Addams, who was a very dynamic character. Huneycutt loved the fact that there were so many ways that her character could be portrayed.

“Wednesday Addams is one of the most complex characters of the show. On the outside,

she is very moody and dark, but she is continually struggling with becoming happy and she

doesn’t want to disappoint her mother and become different,” Huneycutt said.

Senior Grace Litsinger played Alice Beineke, the mother of Wednesday’s fiancé. She

was the opposite of Wednesday’s family and tried to be happy and positive.

“My character is very ditzy and optimistic, and to express her positivity, she says

poems the majority of the time. Also, she has a bit of a dark side to her, which I love. Her

character is dynamic and is one of my favorite roles because of all the different sides to her,”

Litsinger said.

Another character in The Addams Family was Thing, played by junior Nick Molnar.  His love for theater started when he tried out for the play in middle school called ‘Our Mrs. Brooks.’

“I auditioned because musicals are fun. My favorite aspect of my character is that I don’t sing,” Molnar said.

Junior Henry Skalbech played the character Lurch. Along with Molnar, Skalbech liked his character because he didnt’t have to sing. Skalbech got into acting because people always told him he should.

“I enjoy acting to an extent. I’ve been in Footloose in the past,” Skalbech said.

The main cast members in the play all had past experiences playing other roles even going back to middle school. In fact, their interest in theater started from past experiences or curiosity for theater. They spent three months practicing and perfecting the play for the performances on April 26, 27, and 28.