A not so Bland insight to new associate principal


Photo courtesy of: Amy Brooks

Marcellus Bland enjoys watching Deep Run play Godwin at the homecoming football game.

As we start a new school year, Deep Run welcomes a new Associate Principal, Marcellus Bland. Before joining the school community, Bland had previous experience as the Associate Principal at Henrico High School for five years. He also worked as the Exceptional Education Coordinator in the HCPS Central Office. 

    As the Associate Principal, Bland works out any issues with each department and helps to improve or resolve many factors within the school.

   “I am responsible for overseeing the Master Schedule, the School Quality Plan (School Improvement Plan), the Science, Health & PE and Fine Arts departments, Powerschool, grades, Edgenuity, and attendance,” Bland said.

   Since the start of the school year, Bland has already had many opportunities to engage with the students and faculty.

   “Many of my interactions have been [in] student parking lots, bus ramp, during class transitions, during lunches, and during classroom observations,” Bland said.

   He has also taken part in sporting events such as observing a few football, field hockey, and volleyball games. Bland plans to attend more as the school year progresses. By attending games, Bland has been able to witness the “school spirit” and “high energy,” which he finds unique to the school.

   For the rest of the year, Bland hopes to be able to make a positive impact on the school community by proposing new ideas. 

   “I’m hoping to continue to add equitable and inclusive opportunities for all the students here at DRHS,” Bland said.

   So far, Bland has really enjoyed the atmosphere within the school community. He is looking forward to making more connections with students and staff as he gets to experience what it means to be a Wildcat.